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Eden Resort & Suites Chooses NE Time Systems

NE Time Systems, a technology services company, is proud to announce that Eden Resort & Suites has automated its time and labor management processes by utilizing the NE Time Systems solution (powered by NOVAtime).


Located in the heart of Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, Eden Resort & Suites is a premier hotel that showcases 300 contemporary appointed guest rooms and suites. The resort is centrally located among tourist attractions and boasts two award-winning restaurants, outdoor and indoor heated pools, fitness center and much more. The company employs 370 employees.


To deploy new practices to better manage the time and labor of their workforce, Eden Resort chose NE Time Systems. Prior to switching, Denise Bollinger, Payroll Manager, manually entered the employee hours totals for payroll each pay period. This process was time-consuming and error-prone. Now the NOVAtime software produces an export file with a format matching the import specifications of their payroll provider. Regarding the improvements, Ms. Bollinger says, “We like the system. We now complete payroll in less time, and we make fewer mistakes. I like that we can configure reports to fit our needs.”

Eden Resort’s managers are getting significant value from the system as well. Ms. Bollinger explains, “They can now insert missed punches and approve timesheets. They appreciate having access to emergency contact information and having the ability to manage overtime and wages.” These capabilities allow for a more natural delineation of responsibility and for the work to be delegated to managers who are in closer contact with team members. Ms. Bollinger can monitor an overview of timesheets as they are approved, so she knows when to execute payroll.


Concerning the NT7000-FP biometric kiosk devices, Ms. Bollinger says, “Employees can view their punches for current pay period, and they cannot punch in for other employees.” The biometric authentication prevents the practice commonly known as “buddy punching,” which results in financial losses and in issues with coverage.

Regarding NE Time Systems’ customer service, Ms. Bollinger says, “The same day response to a question or situation is good. They help to publish reports more specialized to our property.”


Mark Clossey, General Manager says, “We appreciate the partnership and what NE Time Systems does for us here at the Eden Resort and Suites.”


NE Time Systems is honored to have Eden Resort as a client and is committed to serving them for the long-term to help them do more of what they do best, providing top-notch hospitality to the visitors of Lancaster County.

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