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Editing Timesheets (15 minutes)     

Creating and Publishing Reports (11 minutes)

Creating and Editing Employee Records (7 minutes)


How do I login the first time? 
How do I change my password? 
How do I punch? 
How do I transfer to different departments? 
How do I submit a request for time off? 

How do I manage my existing requests for time off?
How do I submit my timesheet? 
I lost my login link, where can I find it?
Why is the time wrong on my login screen?


How can I find missed punches?

How do I change my password?
How do I edit a timesheet?
How do I approve a timesheet?
How can I manage timesheet approvals?
How do I run a report?
How do I create/modify a schedule?
How do I approve/decline requests for time off?
How do I adjust the employee info bar above timesheets?


How do I run payroll? 
How do I add/edit an employee? 
How do I add/delete a user? 
How do I reset a user password? 
How do I change an employee ID? 
How do I reset an employee password? 
How do I adjust accrual balances? 

How do I re-open a locked timesheet? 
How do I stop AutoPay after employment termination? 

How do I add company holidays?

How do I manage unclaimed punches?
How do I adjust point balances? 


How do I create a login shortcut?

I am unable to log in, what should I do?
What web browser should I be using? 
How do I take a screenshot?

How do I zoom within my web browser?


How do I convert military time to standard 12-hour time?

What are the decimal equivalents of minutes? (Hundreths)

What is quarter hour rounding?

What is tenth hour rounding?

How does daylight savings affect timeclocks?

I need help understanding minute decimal totals

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Supervisor Questions
Payroll Administrator Questions
General Questions
Time Concepts
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