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Legendary Service    
The Newest Proven Technologies

options ranging from biometric, proximity and key-in... web punch, mobile app, phone-in, barcode, and more

Whether you choose a smart kiosk time clock, a handheld device, or a mobile app, your employees and supervisors will appreciate the power of the newest, proven technologies for workforce management.

Expert Implementation and Support

Your time and labor management solution will be implemented by a team of experts, following our best practices. Our methodologies are the result of over forty years of combined experience and refinement. This translates into quick delivery times and a level of excellence that your team will appreciate.

To begin assessing your needs and to provide a reference point for our discussions, you will fill out a survey. Upon completing the configuration of your software, we give you the opportunity to provide feedback as we finalize the experience for your users.

Implementation is just the beginning. Our team's focus is on building a valuable long-term relationship with you and your team.

Powerful and Intuitive Software
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