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Delaware Foot and Ankle Group Chooses NE Time Systems

NE Time Systems, a technology services company, has announced that Delaware Foot and Ankle Group has automated its time and attendance processes by utilizing the NE Time Systems solution (powered by NOVAtime).

For over 22 years, Delaware Foot and Ankle Group has been serving the needs of patients by providing comprehensive foot and ankle care. The group provides diagnosis and treatment of the painful foot and ankle with a focus on foot and ankle surgery. Delaware Today has rated Delaware Foot and Ankle Group in the “Top Docs” section of their publication. In order to improve how they track their employees’ time and attendance, Delaware Foot and Ankle Group chose NE Time Systems.

Prior to implementing the NE Time Systems solution, Delaware Foot and Ankle Group utilized an older stand-alone time clock in order to record punches on paper punch cards. Michele Tobiason, MBA, Practice Manager, shares “This previous method was extremely time consuming. Forgotten punches were a challenge to identify and resolve. We had separate spreadsheets for everything, and we had to calculate everything manually. Preparing totals for our accountant in order to process payroll was not very easy.”  


Beyond this, Ms. Tobiason explains, “Employees didn’t enjoy it much. They wanted more information that was not readily accessible, such as whether their time was over or under or whether they had enough PTO time. They were excited to try something new.”

The NE Time Systems solution is workforce management software with time, attendance, leave, accruals, and reporting features. Ms. Tobiason shares, “I like it very much.  Employees now hold themselves accountable. They can see everything that they want to see, and they love it. It is an excellent system for businesses like ours.” What she finds most compelling about the software is the ease of use, saying “It is very user-friendly, and it has relieved me from spending 3 hours per pay period on payroll. Now, the process takes me only 20 minutes.”


Regarding the NE Time Systems team, Ms. Tobiason says that she was impressed by their rapid response to questions, stating, “I have never had this level of responsiveness with any other product I have used.”


NE Time Systems is excited to have Delaware Foot and Ankle Group as a customer and hopes to continue providing services to help them do more of what they do best.

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