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How do I run payroll?

Payroll Administrator Support

1. Overview

1.1Preparatory Steps – Ensure that timesheets are correct and approved to your companies' preferences

1.2 Payroll Procedure

1.2.1 Process Data  - Compiling timesheets into a static snapshot of totals to be referenced by the Report and the Export…

1.2.2 Report  - For use in validating totals for comparison with payroll software

1.2.3 Export – To save a file that presents timesheet totals to your payroll software in the format that it recognizes for the purpose of importing this information into your payroll software

2. Preparatory Steps

2.1 Review the Attendance Overview page

2.2 If you have department supervisors editing timesheets, ensure that all timesheets are approved ….


2.3 Review the Attendance Summary page

2.4 Apply a descending sort to each column you need to review prior to running payroll and review specific timesheets as necessary…







3. Process Data

3.1 *IMPORTANT* Review all of the sections below. Once you have reviewed all sections, click "Process" at the top of the page.











3.2 Confirm that the status message reflects completion at the current date and time as shown below…

4. Report


4.1 Access your published copy of the Payroll > Summary Report, named <<REPLACE WITH NAME OF PUBLISHED REPORT>>

4.2 As Pay Codes are added to the system, you must maintain selections in the In the Additional Filters section, moving your paid codes to “Selected” and leaving unpaid codes in the “Available” list…

4.3 Preview the Report…



4.4 Save a copy of the report for future reference in a “<<REPLACE WITH PATH>>/NE Time Systems/Payroll Reports” directory on your network.  Name of the file to begin with the following date format… yymmdd.  Our Technical Support team will ask you for a copy of this report if we need to provide assistance.

4.5 The purpose of the report is not to scrutinize the detail.  You should be done reviewing detail at this point.


4.6 Your three purposes for the report are…

4.6.1    To confirm that the date range is correct in the header on the first page.  VERY IMPORTANT!!


4.6.2    To briefly scan the report for any major, glaring errors.

4.6.3    To note the grand totals on the last page of the report.  

5. Export


5.1 Confirm that the status message reflects that the process was completed and verify that the message states both the current date and time as shown below…

5.2 Confirm that the “Payroll Date Range” is correct.  VERY IMPORTANT!! 5.3 Click the Download button…


NOTE:  If the download button does not appear, refresh the page.

5.4 Save the file to the “<<REPLACE WITH PATH>>/NE Time Systems/Payroll Exports/”directory on your network

5.5 Find the file, right click on it, click on “Properties,” and confirm that the “Modified” date and time reflect exactly when you completed step 5. 

5.6 Contact your Payroll Company Representative for instructions on what to do with this file.

5.7 Create a copy of this file in an archive directory for future reference, renaming the file to begin with the following date format… yymmdd.  This is very important… As you have questions, the first thing our Technical Support team will do is to request a copy of this file and a copy of the report that you saved in step 4.4

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