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How do I manage Unclaimed Punches?

Payroll Administrator Support

What are Unclaimed Punches?

Unclaimed punches are punches that the system was unable to post to a timesheet for one of these two reasons...

  1. No employee record exists for the badge number -- these unclaimed punches will have no Employee ID listed in the "Employee No." column
  2. The timesheet was already locked at the PAYROLL status -- these unclaimed punches have an Employee ID listed in the "Employee No." column

How to Manage Unclaimed Punches

Understanding the Design of the Attendance > Unclaimed Page

Regardless which employee you have selected in the Employee List Panel on the left side, the page reflects all unclaimed punches in the system.

WARNING: The "Select All" button in the toolbar selects all records on all pages.  We generally recommend not using this button.



Processing Unclaimed Punches

If you have corrected the Badge Number on an employee record to match that on Unclaimed Punch records, you can click the "Process Unposted/Unclaimed Punches" button in the toolbar on the Attendance > Unclaimed page.



Deleting Unclaimed Punches

To delete one or more Unclaimed Punch records:

  1. individually select the punches by clicking the Assign checkbox for each individual row

  2. click the delete button to delete selected rows


Assigning Unclaimed Punches

To assign one or more Unclaimed Punch records to an employee's timesheet:

  1. Search for the employee in the Employee List Panel

  2. Once the employee record is selected, check the Assign checkbox(es) on the Unclaimed Punch records

  3. Click the "Assign" button in the toolbar

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