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How do I view / manage my existing requests?

Employee Support

For Customers with Employee Web Services Enabled

  1. Log into Employee Web Services

  2. Locate the “Leave Management” gadget on the Dashboard

  3. Click the arrow next to "Leave Management"

Visit page.png

Following the steps above will take you to the Requests management page of the software. See below for a quick summary of this page and it's available features:

The Requests page is broken up into three main sections. Those sections are: Request type filters, List view, and Calendar View.  The "Add Request" button functions like the "Request Leave" button on the main Dashboard of the software. Visit this page for information on submitting requests for time off.

Page overview.png

The Calendar view displays all of your requests throughout the year in an easy to read format. The color scheme matches the filtering options displayed at the top of the page. The three primary colors are:

Pending - Yellow

Approved - Green

Declined - Red

Calendar view.png

The list view allows you to add notes to requests, or cancel pending requests. You can click the corresponding buttons at the top of this page to filter the list view by request status

To add a note to an existing request, click the "note" bubble next to the day you'd like to add information to. Doing so will display the "Notes" window. Click 'OK" when finished typing, or "cancel" to leave the screen

List view.png

You can remove pending requests by clicking the checkbox next to each applicable request. Once all applicable requests are selected, click the "change selected" button, then "remove". Be sure to hit "save" in the top left-hand corner of the screen to commit your changes. 

List view remove request.png
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