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How can I find missed punches?

Supervisor / Administrator Support

For users responsible for editing timesheets, we recommend logging in daily to monitor missed punches. As you know, the sooner the exception is caught the easier it is to determine what was missed.


1. Go to the Attendance > Summary page.

2. Click the "Update" button at the top of the page. This will prompt a browser alert message to appear. Click OK.

3. After the page refreshes, click the "Missed Punch" column header.

4. This will refresh the page, sorting the records according to the tally of Missed Punches for each employee. You will want a descending sort.

5. To reverse the sort, click the column header again. The arrow indicates the direction of the sort

6. To view the missed punches for each individual employee, click on the value that exists within the cell. You will be redirected to the employee's timesheet.


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