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Heritage Valley FCU Chooses NE Time Systems

NE Time Systems, a technology company, has announced that Heritage Valley FCU has significantly increased their productivity by utilizing the NE Time Systems solution (powered by NOVAtime).

For over three-quarters of a century, Heritage Valley Federal Credit Union has been a trusted financial partner of the York County, Pennsylvania community. Heritage Valley is a member-owned progressive financial cooperative committed to the basic credit union philosophy: “Not for profit, not for charity, but for service.” Today, the organization serves nearly 11,000 members from its three branches. Over ten years ago, Heritage Valley chose the NE Time Systems to manage their time and attendance needs.  Recently, they upgraded to the NE Time Systems hosted SaaS solution.

The NE Time Systems solution is a complete and fully-integrated workforce management system that includes time, attendance, scheduling, accruals, leave management, and reporting features and functionality. Prior to installing the solution, Heritage Valley utilized a paper-based system, with employees submitting timesheets by hand, through interoffice mail, or by fax. This caused timing challenges with both timesheet approvals and payroll processing. According to Kristina Rose, Vice President of Member Services at Heritage Valley FCU, the greatest benefit the company realized was efficiency, saying that “the new system has sped up the whole payroll process, from 45 minutes down to 10 minutes.”


Now, all of Heritage Valley’s time and attendance processes are automated and handled electronically, including the completion, approval, and final review of timesheets, and the processing of totals into their Payentry payroll software. Management appreciates how electronic approvals enable them to approve employee hours quickly and easily. For example, Ms. Rose used to spend 30 to 45 minutes conducting her final review, which required her to make calls to confirm specifics with her team. With NE Time Systems, it only takes her about 10 minutes to complete the final approval, and she loves that she can access the system from home on a Sunday afternoon to perform the task. Moreover, with final approvals completed prior to Monday morning, Tom Ernst, CFO, can run payroll in a timely fashion. He is no longer held up waiting for unapproved timesheets to be reviewed.


When asked about other benefits of the software, Ms. Rose adds, “I like the fact that you can go into the annual calendar and get a good view of employees' time off.” She is also pleased that they now have much more reporting capability. Indeed, the system includes a robust internal reporting tool with over 100 report templates that can be configured to the company’s specific needs.  


Not only is the software powerful, but it is intuitive and is designed and configured with user adoption in mind. Ms. Rose agrees, “The system is very user-friendly. Employees learned it quickly and found it to be easy to use.” She explains that Heritage Valley employs a diverse group of people with various levels of experience with respect to new technology, and all parties had no trouble converting to the new system.


When asked about the NE Time Systems team, Ms. Rose complimented them on their exceptional service, and said, “NE Time Systems was able to accommodate everything we requested.” NE Time Systems values their partnership with Heritage Valley FCU and hopes to continue the lasting relationship.

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