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How do I add / delete a User?

Payroll Administrator Support


Our User Account strategy is to empower you to:

  1. Create user accounts

  2. Have users set their own passwords



Creating a New User Account 

1. On the Users Setup > Overview page, click the “New” button…

2. In the form that appears, complete the four fields highlighted below.The software requires you to define a password at this point; however, you will reset it prior to having the user attempt to log in the first time (see below).

3. On a rare occasion (i.e. manager turnover), you might want to copy Published

Reports from one user to another.  To do this:

  • Click the "Copy Existing User" button

  • Click the "Published Reports" checkbox

  • Click the user from which to copy

  • Click "OK"

4. You will be returned to the Users Setup > Overview page.Locate the User you just created on the list.

5. Reset the user’s password.To do this, click on the asterisks in the “password” field and then click the “reset password” button.This will cause the software to prompt the user to create their own password upon attempting to log in the first time.Note: this allows the user to type any text as their password (i.e. “password”).

6. Click the icon in the “Info” column and enter the User’s email address.

7. Select the appropriate Access Group and click the “Save” at the top of the page.

8. On the User Setup Employees page, either select…

  • “All Employees” for a Payroll Administrator

  • “Group Filter” for a Department Supervisor

  • If choosing "Group Filter", specify the departments as shown below and then click the "Exit" button

9. On the User Setup Preference page…

  • In section 1, select Department…

  • In section 5, select the exception columns that should be displayed on the Attendance Summary page.  The six exceptions shown below are the most commonly useful ones… 

  • In section 11, select the pay codes for which there are often records, leaving infrequently used pay codes on the left.Also select the “Other Hours (Total)” and “Other Hours (Multiple)” values.These two columns will display totals for pay codes remaining in the “Available Items” list on the left.

Deactivating a User Account 

1. Prior to deactivating a user account, review reports published by that user.You will lose the user’s Published report(s) upon deactivating the account.Preserve the account until you no longer need the published report(s).

2. To deactivate the account, click the “Delete” button on the User Setup Overview page…

3. From the dropdown, select the user to deactivate and click OK.

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